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The online open world deathmatch game.

2019.11.18 Andriod build added.

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.Antlers.Whyfight

How to play:
1.Choose a character
2.Start Game join the world
3.Kill anyone you see
4.Find the Teleport Stone to Escape the world, get full score to gold.
or be killed and take half score to gold.

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Left Button  - Attack

Right Button - Skill

Shift - Sprint



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WhyTheFight.zip 253 MB

Development log


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Loaded fast.

nice level design and cool toon shader used for materials.

seems like there should be more to do if no1 else is logged in like more pickups or stuff to find (weapons/armor) maybe some npcs

nice movement mechanics and sfx, the character skill was also fun to use and nice looking.

Looking forward to seeing future updates ;)

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Hey Tyasu,Good news for you.

v0.2.1 playable now!

You could follow our 18.Nov release note, thank you.

not open on my pc

Maybe you can try to move away game folder from "_".

It seems good but it just loads 4 ever when i try to join a battle...?

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Tried to fix it,please try to join again.

no, it still doesn't work... i have full internet, but there is a internet protection app installed on my pc, which sometimes blocks servers, so i just thought that that may be the problem....

Pretty solid concept. The flow of the game seems a bit wonky and imbalanced, but I can see how this could be a fun game with further uploads.

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Thanks for your feedback,actually we still finding the core of game.And we'll trying to change something then add some "goal" for players.Hope see you again when that.

Where are you guys based out of?

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Pretty fun. Lots of promise. Looking forward to updates.

EDIT: Also is there any point in upgrading characters right now? I know it affects their appearance but other than that? Should I just be using my gold to unlock further characters?


Thanks for your kind words!
upgrading basic attributes right now.Next time update are support skills,everyone can choose it before start gameplay.